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Impress and Inspire our viewers at the same time… Of what seemingly ordinary girls are capable of. … of nature’s pure beauty both outside and inside ourselves. Prove that we are wild at Heart...

Outdoor Chicks GOT IT

presents NON-professional female athletes finding closer to themselves through performing outdoor action sports. We want To encourage all females to leave their comfort zone, grow better self-confidence, independence and in the end the quality of life.

paragliding will be featured as well as Disciplines such as Skiing & Snowboarding, Mountain biking, surfing, climbing lifestyle of the community and their events.

Bigpeak media

Our aim is to create specifick film experience. We want to make our audience feel that they can be part of this and they can also do what's called action sports. “Everybody can do it, so why not you”. This is the reason why we didn’t choose professional but nonprofessional super passionate ladies. We want to show the beauty and the joy we are getting out of this sports

GOT iT shootings


The platform for women to help them find outdoor souls, participate in the events and learn something new. We aim to create a strong community of females who want to improve their skills, increase their network and learn from each other while enjoying outdoors. We set the priority to get outside and grow to be more courageous, creative and empowering via sports, mentorship, and events.


 By presenting individual stories of girls development towards performing outdoor sports we aim to deliver proof for the potential of gaining additional life quality. For that, we get together in groups and go to impressive places for doing what we love. Action parts of the movie will be interlaced with Short life stories of athletes showing different backgrounds, lifestyles.  New ideas and view of the world obtained through traveling and experience meeting new cultures.


 The main location is the Tyrol region where outdoor chicks started and slowly spread the word into the world. Thanks to that we will be able to travel around the globe and film in beautiful places such as Portugal and Spain (surfing) or Japan famous for deep powder.



 Our women crew of athletes has a multicultural background. We will feature around 30 women from 10 different countries. 

Why we want this movie

  • To give chance for girls to share their voice and present themselves

  • Non-Professional Female outdoor lovers finding themselves closer through performing outdoor action sports

  • Show amazing support women give and receive

  • Regardless levels, skills or body type everyone can do it

  • Show the epic shots to motivate girls to get out there


Mid range (45 min) Documentary / action sport / lifestyle /  feature film


Produced by BigPeak media in cooperation with Gotit shootings 

Profesional production crew ...


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