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Outdoorchicks GOTiT Film

„Outdoor Chics GOT iT!“ Film presents non-professional female athletes finding closer to themselves through performing outdoor action sports.

Bigpeak media and its crew produce this movie from scratch. Its one of our biggest projects so far because of its scale and resources. We connected with GOTiT Shooting to create long length movie about all Outdoorchicks.

Our Mission:

We want to encourage females to leave their comfort zone for growing on self-confidence, independence and life-quality.

Who is Outdoorchicks

Passionate ladies who enjoy the power of nature to transform, improve themselves and strive for something better. Our goal is to inspire, help and grow together in a professional and personal manner. We don’t want to focus only on riding steepest faces, discovering hidden places, biking the hardest trails or climbing the highest peaks, but rather on connecting females with a genuine passion for outdoor sports and love for nature. So that's why we are not any different than you. We are non-professional athletes, not hottest top models (although we are pretty sexy in our own way) or too cool to be true. We are just who we are, passionate ladies who found a way of life in nature and outdoor sport.

A short clip from our winter adventures with Outdoorchicks Org. We have been working on this project with many ladies from many different countries. So if u want to follow up with our adventures pls Subscribe us on youtube and Instagram so we can reach further and change some lifes. Much more videos are on its way so stay tuned in our blog and thanks for your support.

More from production of Outdoorchicks GOTiT film will be in next bolog. Have a nice day, go out and ejoy...

By Rado Kapralcik

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